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Probiotics are actually friendly bacteria and good yeast. Over thousands of years our bodies and probiotics have developed a mutually beneficial relationship. The probiotic bacteria can't live without us - and we can't live without the probiotics!Scientists have only recently discovered how they can harness the power of these pint-sized probiotics. Probiotic supplements are now available in probiotic pills and powders. You can also make your own whole foods probiotics with fermented foods. You can also make your own probiotic drinks.Here is a partial list of what probiotics do for you:enhance immunityimprove digestiondecrease allergiesimprove mood  You might be surprised to learn there are well over 500 different types of probiotics that are nativ...
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Production Capacity1. Annual production of 500 tons of high-active probiotics powder and 5000 tons of probiotic derivatives;2. Purification workshop in line with the drug GMP C grade (part A grade);3. System certifications of FSSC22000, GMP, Kosher and Halal etc.;4. Automatic fermentation control system, advanced high-efficiency separation and enrichment system, subzero vacuum freeze drying system;5. High-quality and multi-standards production systems of powder, granules, tablets, and capsules etc.;6. Strong energy sources supply system, two grade pure water preparation system, temperature and humidity control system, dust control system and sewage treatment system;7. Perfect and precise manufacture process system, personnel management system, facility operating regulations and quality man...
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FAO/WHO defines that probiotics are live microorganisms conferring a health benefit on the host when administered in adequate amounts”.  ProductTypeFunctionsLactobacillus acidophilusLA85Inhibit small intestinal bacterial proliferation;Enhance lactose absorption; Balance intestinal flora.Lactobacillus reuteriLR08Anti-allergic; Relieve children on constipation and diarrhea ; Suppress intestinal bacterial proliferation.; Lactobacillus rhamnosusLRa05Balance and improve GIT;Enhance immune system;Prevent and relieve diarrhea. Lactobacillus plantarumLp90Reduce TC content;Inhibit pathogenic bacteria;Relieve IBS.Lactobacillus bulgaricusLB42Inhibit pathogenic bacteria;Relieve lactose intolerance.Lactobacillus helveticus LH76Lower blood pressure;Promote absorption of iron and...
1. Probiotics Powder/Granule, Capsule)To meet with the different appeals and target groups, various types of supplements are developed, including dietary supplements regulating intestinal flora balance, boosting immunity, preventing allergy, soothing constipation, relieving diarrhea, and anti-ageing. Also, we have products for children, women, middle-aged people and other people with specific appeals. TypeProbioticsIngredientsFeaturesBalance   intestinal flora(Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS etc.)Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus planterium, Lactobacillus reuteri, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium lactis.Prebiotic,    Dietary Fiber,    Sugar AlcoholsRich in dietary fiber, which is essential to intestinal. Balance the nutrition absorption, ad...
There are two main lactic acid bacteria used in making homemade and catering yogurt. Usually L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus are added at a ratio of 1:1. Other types have additional strains of bacteria, which affect the taste and potential health benefits of the curd. Types of yoghurt starter cultures   TypePropertiesApplications ScopeAcidified CapacityTextureFlavorSet yoghurtStirred   yoghurtDrinking   yoghurtYo-Cul 175FastFirm curd/ Short   structureSoftHighly   recommendSuitableYo-Cul 474FastLittle viscous/Short structureTraditional Highly   recommendRecommendYo-Cul 678FastMiddle viscous/Short structureTraditionalRecommendSuitableRecommendYo-Cul 862Fast,low post-acidificationThickVery softSuitableRecommendSuitableYo-Cul 876FastThickSof...
Probiotic Derivatives (Inactivated Probiotics )Inactivated probiotics are of the same function because they are rich in lipoteichoic acid, peptidoglycan, exopolysaccharides, fatty acid and bacteriocin.Product Advantage:1. Inactivated bacteria will not be affected by gastric acid, bile and heat. So it can be used as additive in food processing.2. Inactivated bacteria have strong induced tumor necrosis factor, interleukin, immunoglobulin and interferon. It can promote the intestinal epithelial cell proliferation, enhancing epithelial tissue to stimulate the intestinal bifidobacterium proliferation, inhibiting the growth of clostridium Westergren in the large intestine, meanwhile playing a good role of prebiotics.Product application:As a functional ingredient added in food, health food and Me...
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